Taxes, Spending and Economic Development

I am an economics buff and have devoted a lot of time to understanding our economy, what makes it grow, what makes it falter and how to make our economy work best for everyone.  I hope you will vote for me in the primary so I can take my knowledge to Raleigh to benefit the 99th district of Charlotte NC.  Here are some of my positions on tax, spending and economic issues:

I believe most of the issues we try to fix are, at their core, economic problems.  We spend a lot of time nibbling around the edges, trying to fix symptoms, instead of addressing the core economic issues that cause the issues.  It is my focus to look at the economic causes, because when economic problems are fixed, other issues are fixed.

I believe that Raleigh does not have a tax problem, it has a spending problem.  Raleigh is considering new and higher taxes on the things you need every day, like food and energy.  More people in need can be helped if we can make assistance to our most vulnerable our top priority, not an afterthought.  I pledge to be a good steward of your taxpayer money and oppose wasteful spending and oppose tax increases that will not benefit you.  I will fight to ensure that your taxpayer money comes back to our district and goes toward helping you, not special interests.

Trump’s federal government is planning major federal funding cuts to services that you may rely on, such as SNAP and housing assistance.  It will be the NC government’s job to step in and pick up the slack.  Electing a Representative that’s in touch with economic and budgeting issues will be so important this election.  I am the candidate for the job!

I’m sure you have noticed the development boom near uptown.  Maybe you’ve wondered why it hasn’t shown up in our District 99.  As part of my comprehensive economic reform platform, I pledge to work to direct your taxpayer money back to our district so that it will benefit you.  Affordable housing for low income families is becoming more difficult to find.  Raleigh must reassess our spending priorities to free up development funding to support affordable housing initiatives in our district and our state.   So much of our tax money is going toward developing the luxury condo and mixed use infrastructure we see going up around uptown and surrounding.  We MUST remember that affordable housing can’t be forgotten during this development boom.  I will work to ensure that affordable housing is addressed as our city grows and work to direct taxpayer money from the 99th district back to the 99th district.

Starting and operating small businesses in North Carolina is difficult, expensive and full of burdensome regulations and red-tape.  This inhibits economic growth that would lead to more jobs, more funding for needed social programs and more overall happiness and prosperity.  I pledge to work to simplify the North Carolina legal structure that governs small business creation.  There’s no reason that only a lawyer should be able to navigate through the business creation process!  Do we want prosperity and opportunity for all?  Let’s start acting like it.  That starts with making it easier to start a business and boost employment for our neighbors.

There are major global economic changes underway that will soon affect both North Carolina as a whole and our district.  I’m sure you have noticed that prices for the food, energy and goods you need have been rising.  This is one of the challenges ahead.  We must be ready to meet these challenges and adapt to changing times, while ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens are not forgotten about.  Helping each other is our first calling to service and I pledge to make that my top priority as your Representative.  – Action Jackson Pethtal


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