Public Safety and Security

I believe that the enforcement of common sense public safety and security laws is necessary to a safe and civilized society.  However, I pledge to oppose all unnecessary, redundant or costly laws.  I will always advocate for police to be held accountable for their actions within our district and our state.  Police have a difficult job and often must make split second decisions that can have permanent impacts.  The difficulty of the job, however, is not an excuse for poor judgment and bias in use-of-force or enforcement of laws.  I do believe that with proper training and conduct guidelines that are enforced, the rift between Public Safety and the People can start to be repaired.

I believe the War on Drugs is a failure and unfairly targets African-American and Latino communities.  All statistics prove these facts.  I believe that treatment for drug abuse is a better solution than incarceration and that drug crime is a result of a lack of opportunity for people to succeed!  People are not throw-away items.  Treatment, genuine offender rehabilitation and vocational training, combined with new economic opportunities, will greatly reduce drug crime in our district and North Carolina.  Additionally, addressing these underlying economic issues will greatly reduce gun violence that often stems from drug crime.


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