Immigration and Justice

Immigration has always been the life blood of this country.

I pledge to quickly introduce legislation directing state law enforcement to provide no manpower or resources to any ICE actions originating from any new Trump federal government order to “round-up and deport” undocumented immigrants in our district and our state.  I do not support breaking established families apart nor do I support giving free reign to immigration officers to kick in people’s doors at 3am and drag them from their homes.  Those actions are guaranteed to create many more problems than they solve!  It is a scary time when such measures are seriously being considered by those who claim to represent us.

I do not support the 287g program as implemented and will similarly look into ways to restrict state funds and manpower from being used to enforce the program.  A federal overhaul of immigration law is badly needed.  While some immigration laws should be enforced, particularly against known violent gang members, the blanket application of detection and deportation used by 287g is not the kind of principle that America was based on.  It’s just not what America is about!

Minority communities certainly know that the justice system needs fixing.  Politicians re-elected to Raleigh promise over and over that they will fix it next term.  Just re-elect them.  But then it never happens.  And I’m tired of it.  While I do not think removing all biases from the justice system is a realistic goal, I absolutely support holding accountable those that show continued and documented bias in their roles as administrators of justice.

The War on Drugs is a failure and I pledge to strongly support legislation that ends the failure.  Please see Public Safety and Security for more information on this topic.  I also support the legalization of medical cannabis.  Please see Healthcare for more information on that topic.


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