Healthcare is an important issue for our country, our state and our district.  There are no easy answers.  If there were easy answers, we would have figured it out long ago.  Our elderly were made a promise that they would have healthcare available when they needed it.  They paid for it over a lifetime.  Establishment politicians in Raleigh have squandered most of the money that was supposed to be set aside for their healthcare and they now scramble to fill the gaps.  This is an unacceptable way to treat the people that built North Carolina!

I support fully funding NC healthcare services for our elderly and vulnerable populations.  I support opening up health insurance purchases across state lines so that the people can find the best deal on coverage that works for their needs.  The healthcare system has been concentrated into the hands of a small group of care providers and insurance companies within our state.  I will advocate for more competition within North Carolina so that everyone can find a solution that works for them, whether it is a private insurance plan, a state offered plan or a solution we haven’t thought of yet.

Additionally, I will introduce legislation that aims to help our population live healthier lives.  Much of the healthcare crisis in our country is caused by unhealthy habits.  Most of us probably could exercise more and eat better and eliminate bad habits that contribute to the high costs of healthcare.  I hope I can help change that.

I fully support joining the majority of states (30 and DC) that have already legalized medical cannabis.  Polls show 90% of Americans support it and it’s time to make it an option for those that may benefit, such as veterans with PTSD and chronic pain sufferers, without fear of running afoul of the law.  Our elderly will benefit from a choice to use cannabis instead of increasingly more costly pills with negative side effects.  Additionally, it will be a creator of new jobs across the state and raise revenue for education, social assistance and other needed services.  It is time for Raleigh to listen to the will of the people and I will act quickly for this needed change.  I ask for your vote on May 8th so that I can.  – Jackson


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