Guns are a hot button issue right now.

I believe that the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm is a natural, God-given right.  Regulating people’s ability to defend themselves and their loved ones should always be given the utmost care and consideration.

I support raising the age limit to purchase rifles to 21 years.  I support stronger mental health restrictions so that unstable and/or immature people are not able to obtain firearms.  Additionally, I will introduce legislation directing state law enforcement to investigate all credible reports of impending gun violence.  One important point that has been lost in the gun debate over the recent shootings is that law enforcement was aware, in advance, of the shooter’s intentions yet failed to investigate.  That is unacceptable since the shootings could have been prevented entirely if those reports were taken seriously!

I pledge to diligently consider all gun-related legislation that is introduced, with a mind toward finding a balance between the right to defend yourself and your loved ones and providing for the general safety of the public.  I am not beholden to any special interest groups such as the NRA and I believe honest, intellectual impartiality is what we need in our legislature when such important issues are considered.  I want to restore some sanity to our legislative process and I hope you will vote for me on May 8th so that I can.


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