As an urban farmer and animal lover, I believe in accountability for actions that harm the environment.  When a corporation damages the environment, there should be consequences.  I was shocked when I found out that the clean-up costs of the coal ash spill into a river by the local electric company was paid for by increasing customer’s bills.  Raleigh passed a bill agreeing to it!  Customers didn’t cause the spill so why are our bills higher to clean it up?  That doesn’t seem fair.  I pledge to vote against legislation that authorizes corporations to pass clean-up costs for environmental damage on to customers.  Our bills are already high and will be even higher in the future.  Making customers pay for environmental damage caused by negligence is salt in the wound.

On the other hand, I do not seek to inhibit energy production and industry in North Carolina.  Indeed, our way of life depends on it!  I do plan to hold those responsible for damage caused by production and industry accountable.  I pledge to support economically viable, common sense initiatives by energy producers and general industry that increase efficiency and that offer alternative energy sources that do not deplete environmental resources.  We must strike a balance between our modern way of life and conservation of the ecosystem.  -Jackson Pethtal


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